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posted on 09/16/14

From the white sand beaches of Okinawa to the beautiful Monique Lhuillier gown of the bride, everything in this wedding is just simple and intimate perfection! The couple Daphne and Max wanted an intimate wedding and they chose to celebrate their big day in Japan’s southernmost prefecture. “Okinawa is a peaceful place for us to […]

posted on 09/12/14

Australian couple Emma and Brady wouldn’t have had it any other way. “A Bali wedding was exactly what we both wanted! It was absolutely amazing and we couldn’t have asked for anything else,” gushed the lovely bride Emma, who looked absolutely radiant on her wedding day. All their family and friends flew all the way […]

posted on 09/10/14

“Best day ever,” describes Pao and Tia, who recently tied the knot in a beautiful garden ceremony in Tagaytay, Philippines. The twosome met in a high school soiree and has been inseparable ever since. And by the inseparable, we mean 9 years no break ups, no cool-offs and no nothing, just a strong partnership through […]

posted on 09/08/14

“We call it ‘pastel Peranakan,’” describes Jakarta-based couple Kara and Andika when we asked them the theme for their wedding held last May. Apparently, our bride Kara has a real obsession with the the Peranakan culture and decided to blend its elements with her favorite pastel colors – green, peach, pink and yellow. Meanwhile, vibrant hanging plates added a creative touch […]

posted on 09/05/14

Bride Danielle always wanted to have a “birth week,” a week of birthday celebrations and so her then-boyfriend Vincent gave her one. On each day of the week prior to the beautiful pharmacist’s birthday, the clever Vincent surprised her with a gift. Each gift was a clue (though Danielle didn’t realize at the time) to […]

posted on 08/29/14

Sydney couple Ness and Roger and their guests flew all the way from the Australian capital to the island of Bali, to celebrate their big day by its beautiful beaches. “The entire day was a big highlight however I’d say the biggest highlights for me were the excitement and butterfly feeling you feel right before […]

posted on 08/22/14

“Rustic Garden” is how Nicola and Nikolo, a couple from the Philippines, would describe their recent wedding. Since it was held at the groom’s Batangas family horse farm, the two thought that having a rustic feel throughout would be perfect. “We looked at Pinterest almost everyday and we combined all the ideas that we liked until […]

posted on 08/18/14

We just posted a Lego-themed wedding last week, and today, we are featuring another wedding where, well, let’s just say, the groom got his way! Indonesian couple Fifi and Reza, who are currently based in the United States, recently flew back to a galaxy not too far away – their hometown Jakarta – to celebrate […]

posted on 08/15/14

Long distance relationships are never easy but Malaysian couple Derek (who is currently based in Adelaide, Australia) and Rachel managed to make it through, thanks to fast and reliable Internet connections and occasional trips overseas. They were engaged in 2013 and finally tied the knot this year in Malaysia in what would be one of […]

posted on 08/11/14

Veron and Mickey first met as classmates in second grade. Although they never shared the same classroom after that, the two would meet again, but this time at work. He was working at an advertising agency. She was working at a company being serviced by their ad agency. “When I was at their office for a meeting, […]

posted on 08/05/14

Our lovely Indonesian couple Agung and Agya together make a great example of the expression “Unity in Diversity.” “Agung is from the colorful and lively indigenous ethnic group Betawi while I am of the Javanese Culture, specifically Central Java, which is known for its calmness,” shares the beautiful bride. Combining both cultures, the couple wore […]

posted on 07/30/14

Jasmin and Jayson, both IT professionals, were introduced by a common friend at work. But our daring groom made his move by asking our bride through IM if she is interested in making an investment. “I dismissed him as another part-time insurance sales agent networking with people at work to make a sale,” recounts Jasmin, […]

posted on 07/23/14

Manado is a special place for Arlin and Theo. It’s where they grew up, met (while studying at the Manado International School) and eventually fell in love. So, it is no wonder the two, who are now living in Amsterdam, went the extra mile to celebrate the big day back in their Indonesian hometown. “It’s […]

posted on 07/14/14

Singapore-based couple Zoe and Bryan wanted a seaside wedding and they could not have chosen a better location than Phuket. The sound of the sea and the perfect April weather made for an amazing backdrop for their intimate and laidback wedding ceremony. The highlight of the day, of course, had to be the adorable baby elephant […]

posted on 06/27/14

Marcus and Bru, the duo behind design and illustration studio Electrolychee, have been together for 10 years but it was only last year that they finally decided to tie the knot. “It was only last year that my heart and mind settled into a happy, content place and that’s when I decided to marry my […]


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