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posted on 04/04/14

We love a wedding that’s deeply rooted in tradition and culture, and Sonia and Reyhan’s big day was exactly that. This beautiful couple held a colourful ceremony that involved traditional rituals and blessings, great food and a lot of dancing! Photos courtesy of WGA Vendor Stories by Integricity. Meeting through a mutual friend during their college […]

posted on 03/24/14

Following our recent Confessions of a Bride post where the gorgeous Hannah Tan shared some of her favourite moments during her wedding day, we now get the nitty gritty on the details! We can’t help but love this cute animated couple that seem to fit like two peas in a pod. Surprisingly it wasn’t an […]

posted on 03/14/14

This is a tale of an office romance which blossomed and serendipitously lead to a dreamy garden wedding. Photos courtesy of WGA Vendor Stories by Integricity. The beautiful bride recalls their fateful meeting: “We both worked at the same investment bank. He had just joined, and he was sent to collect something from me. We started having […]

posted on 02/24/14

There is such an upbeat vibe about Charles and Jenna which really set the tone for their big day. After all, who doesn’t love a good party to celebrate a wedding? Photos courtesy of WGA Vendor Stories by Integricity. Charles and Jenna’s story is a true marriage of cultures – Charles grew up in Malacca, […]

posted on 02/21/14

Isn’t social media wonderful? It has forever changed the ability for us to connect with each other, and in today’s Real Wedding feature, it was the channel which brought them together. Johan and Nasiha share their thoughts: “We met by chance. Really long story but cut short, she commented on one of my Instagram pictures […]

posted on 02/07/14

Romance is a very interesting thing indeed. Sometimes one can search for it all their lives and yet end up connecting with the person of their dreams by an arranged meeting. It’s spontaneous and it works its magic seemingly by its own accord, and that is exactly what happened to the couple that we have […]

posted on 02/03/14

This is one of the cutest beginnings to a love story – Nizam meets Sheryl on her orientation day at college, and falls in love with her at first sight. It’s a good thing then that they ended up in the same business course! Ten years later, he proposed, and she, of course, said yes! […]

posted on 01/13/14

Padma and Ravi’s story brings to mind that timeless sense of love as steady, sure and strong. They first met on a coffee date set up by Ravi’s sister Leena and her husband Brian, both of whom Padma knew from university and as work colleagues. While Padma’s initial impression of Ravi was that they were […]

posted on 01/03/14

People from totally different backgrounds, from different countries getting married used to be such a rarity once. But nowadays, it’s no longer such a troubling task to cross continents, and people from all over are meeting each other and falling in love. Today, we’re gonna check out the wedding of such two kindred spirits from […]

posted on 12/20/13

This picture perfect wedding on a beach in Phuket was one that surprisingly came rather unexpectedly for Kris and Alex. Though Alex knew she always wanted to have a beach wedding, seeing that she grew up hanging out by the beach in the Philippines, she didn’t quite know where exactly the ideal location would be. […]

posted on 11/29/13

More often than not, more and more people are getting hitched by the sea or on the beach. For today, however, we have a couple who decided to have their wedding pictures taken well above sea level – with a few pictures taken on an island for good measure. Meet Yik and Kattney, as we […]

posted on 11/04/13

Here at WGA, we love a good love story. We also love the unique, unusual and quirky – and the wedding photos for Saiful and Dzianti’s akad nikah celebration, taken by talented WGA vendor Kid Chan, does not disappoint! Photos by Kid Chan Studio, courtesy of Dzianti Merican. Their love story is one that is […]

posted on 10/25/13

This is one of those weddings we all dream about. Surrounded by loved ones in a picturesque setting, Philip and Claudia’s wedding is certainly one to be jealous of! Photographs courtesy of WGA Vendor, Stories by Integricity.

posted on 10/21/13

Ahh.. the tropical beach wedding! It must be the lure of tying the knot underneath palm trees while being caressed by the wind and serenaded by the sound of the lapping waves..For Vladimir and Nataila, it just HAD to be by the beach – and so the Russian lovebirds flew all the way down to […]

posted on 10/18/13

  Some say the path to true love doesn’t run smooth. In some cases, delays can be expected – such was the case of this week’s feature couple, Vicky and Mat. With around two years between their first meeting and first “kinda” date (which Vicky admits she only half-jokingly invited him along to), theirs wasn’t […]


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