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posted on 09/09/14

Provence in France is certainly one of the most picturesque places Europe. Recently, the talented photographers from Axioo shared a beautiful shoot they did in the stunning Southeastern province featuring a gorgeous gown from Indonesian designer Melta Tan (modelled by Axioo’s very own photographer Fen) with the amazing lavender fields of Provence serving as backdrop. If you […]

posted on 09/04/14

Before wedding photography came along, Melbourne-based photographer Lakshal Perera was very much into “left brain things.” He spent nearly 10 years studying physics engineering and medical physics and even moved to to Brisbane for research job at a University before finally deciding to indulge his other part of the brain. “I was committed to Medical Physics […]

posted on 09/03/14

Angelina Jolie has certainly upped the wedding game with her extraordinary and one-of-a-kind bridal dress. The white silk satin dress was created by Atelier Versace’s master tailor Luigi Massi and featured adorable embroidered illustrations by Brad and Angie’s kids! In an interview with People Magazine, the actress and humanitarian was quoted she couldn’t imagine anyone […]

posted on 08/21/14

We love good photography here at WGA. Thus, we always advice our brides to spend (splurge) on a good wedding photographer because photos capture moments that we’ll never be able to re-create. Sure, there will be memories, but let me tell you three things: 1) memories are not forever, 2) memories are unreliable and 3) […]

posted on 08/14/14

“Find me a man who’s interesting enough to have dinner with and I’ll be happy,” challenges actress Lauren Bacall  who passed away yesterday at the age of 89. Most of you may not remember her, but the award-winning Bronx-native was one of Hollywood’s most iconic screen sirens. She made her debut in the 1944 romance-adventure […]

posted on 08/04/14

Joyce Pring, the multi-talented singer-songwriter, radio DJ and TV host from Manila, Philippines, shares with Wedding Guide Asia (via whatsapp, don’t you just love technology?), that being a bridesmaid to her cousin’s intimate, non-traditional wedding was one of her most cherished moments.  ”It was a warm experience seeing love in one of its most tangible form, […]

posted on 07/29/14

We were just talking about considering green leaves for wedding bouquets on yesterday’s post, and today my husband posted a rather interesting New York Times article on my Facebook profile (yes, he’s that supportive to me, I know). Entitled “A Toast? How About a Toke?”, writer Lois Smith Brady reported how the cannabis legalization in […]

posted on 07/28/14

Here’s an advice for modern brides on bouquets: Give Leaves A Chance! Okay, our cheesy attempts on puns aside, we simply think that leaves add that earthy, raw and rustic touch to any wedding bouquet. Here, we’ve collected some inspiring leafy bridal bouquets on pinterest and we hope it would plant someideas in some of […]

posted on 07/24/14

Former American President and First Lady John F Kennedy and Jacqueline “Jackie” Bouvier met at a Georgetown dinner party in May 1952. Kennedy was then the senator from Massachusetts, while Bouvier was a photographer for the Washington Times-Herald’s. The powerful couple dated for two years before Kennedy proposed to the beautiful socialite with a 2.88-carat diamond-and-emerald ring from Van Cleef […]

posted on 07/16/14

When Linda Hao is not busy designing and curating looks for Yesah, a Singapore-based label and e-store she founded back in 2012, or collaborating on DIY fashion projects with brands like Gap, you might instead find her playing music at parties as a DJ. Sure, she just calls it “a hobby,” but her good taste […]

posted on 07/15/14

We’re not going to lie, we simply didn’t believe that wearing a sequined gown could actually work for a wedding. Well, until we saw these photos! A lot of brides, stylishly daring ones at that (and mostly from Australia!), are dropping the old, traditional white lace dress in favor of something more glamorous and glitterous (yes, […]

posted on 07/10/14

It was called the “Wedding of the Century.” And, rightfully so! Not only has Grace Kelly’s wedding to Prince Rainier III, then Prince of Monaco, garnered over 30 million viewers on live television worldwide back in 1956, but the former Hollywood actress has also managed to inspire countless brides until this day. Kelly’s wedding gown was […]

posted on 07/08/14

It’s true, I can’t ride a bicycle to save my life. But, that doesn’t stop me from thinking that these bike-riding bride photos are actually cool. If you are going for that vintage wedding feel, then a bike would be perfect. Another reason to love this wedding trend? It’s environmentally-friendly! So, you won’t just have […]

posted on 07/07/14

We were so occupied with planning the wedding decorations, seating arrangement, the food, my dress, my hair and makeup (basically, things you can pinterest. And, yes, I just used pinterest as a verb) that we left out one important detail: the wedding playlist. Luckily, one of the groomsmen, who also happen to be a musician, was able to […]

posted on 07/04/14

Rabbit Hole Creative’s unconventional take on styling and production design has completely altered our expectation of what  a pre-wedding photo and wedding should look like. Founders Geof Gonzales and Mimi Sanson started out as designers for Manila-based vintage and art boutique I Love You Store, but after dabbling into wedding styling, their frequent collaborators, wedding […]


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