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posted on 04/23/14

With the rise of social media and the arrival of smart phones, tablets, and other gadgets and gizmos, it is now easier than ever to share what we’re doing, where we are, and who we’re with, all at the tap of a touch screen. All hail these advances in technology! However, when it comes to […]

posted on 04/21/14

Now how awesome is this under water wedding shoot? This is certainly taking things to a whole new level and we love it! It’s no wonder that this gorgeous couple comes from a creative background and with some help of their friends; they were able to make one of the groom-to-be dreams a reality. Photographs […]

posted on 04/15/14

High from the excitement of saying Yes, it’s now time to spread the word and celebrate this joyous occasion! One easy and fun way to do this is to throw an engagement party, it’s a great way to get everyone together to share the news and it’s an excuse to just well…have a party! Here […]

posted on 04/11/14

The story of Peter and Margaret is one that’ll make you smile and laugh, followed by this sudden urge to run to your partner and hug him. Their engagement photos set in Perth, where they live, are a vivid reflection of this beautiful couple. Photographer Ben Yew gave them a raw, vulnerable finish that’s simple […]

posted on 04/08/14

You’ve looked at wedding magazines, you’ve browsed the Internet, and now you’re brimming with ideas for your dream wedding. How do you turn your ideas into a reality without drowning in ‘To-Do’ lists and stress? Hire a wedding planner! The wedding planner will be the star player on your wedding team – someone whose sole […]

posted on 04/07/14

Coral would lend radiance to any wedding, especially in spring or summer. Whether you go for an all-out coral wedding or just accents, this colour draws the eye without being too harsh, pulling the best tones from peachy pinks and bold orange. Here are some ideas for incorporating this bold colour into your big day. […]

posted on 04/02/14

  A pop of colour in your wedding is a quirky way of jazzing things up without detracting from the romance and elegance of your big day. Work it into your whites and ivory for a memorable and captivating contrast. Keep your accessories simple – any colours you wear will pop with your white wedding […]

posted on 04/01/14

You made the big decision – you said ‘yes!’ Now here come all the fun decisions – where to get married, what to wear, rings, food, cake, photography, and more. It may seem like a long ‘to do’ list, but that’s where we can help. If you need some inspiration, here’s a rundown of the […]

posted on 03/28/14

Blush and nudes are said to be making a comeback in 2014, but in our opinion, they never really go out of style. This colour palette lends a soft and classic look to your wedding. For a feminine or whimsical feel, you can also pair these shades with peach, lilac and dusky pink. These dreamy […]

posted on 03/25/14

Flower girls are a wonderful addition to any bridal party. When they lead the way during the wedding ceremony, it’s hard not to smile as they walk down the aisle with big grins or giggles for the guests! Here are some cute ideas for making your flower girls a fun part of your big day. […]

posted on 03/18/14

We always take it for granted that finding that perfect dress will come easy. How hard can it be?! For those who have gone through the tiring process of trudging from one bridal house to another every weekend and scouring online stores in bed would attest that it really isn’t that easy. So here are […]

posted on 03/13/14

A modern take on a wedding is one that is usually not considered – especially with the recent flurry of old-school vintage inspired receptions. As fashion trends have their seasons, so do wedding themes, and we think a chic modernistic ceremony is the way to go this year! If you are an urbanite at heart, […]

posted on 03/11/14

You may not have thought too much beyond the practical need for lighting at your wedding, but taking the time to choose the right kind of lights can really add to the mood and tone of the event. Here are some of our favourite ideas for ‘brightening’ up your big day. Light My Path Candles […]

posted on 03/07/14

Vintage as a wedding theme in fact covers several fairly distinctive eras of style. What they all have in common is an appeal to nostalgia, to timeless fashion and romance. Whether you just want to incorporate some vintage elements into your wedding, or you plan to go all out with a full-blown vintage style, here […]

posted on 02/28/14

Sparkles or glitter go a long way in jazzing up a wedding! Whether you just want a dash for a bit of zing, or you plan to go all out with a glitzy theme, there are many ways to incorporate a bit of shimmer and shine into your big day. You are cordially invited The […]


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