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posted on 12/10/14

Following our post yesterday featuring Korean couple Miyun and Jungoo, we are sharing some of their beautiful pre-wedding photos by Singapore-based photographer Super Panda Presents. This is the first time we’ve featured a couple from Korea and we just love how happy the lovely couple looked in all the photos.We especially loved the colors of […]

posted on 08/18/14

We just posted a Lego-themed wedding last week, and today, we are featuring another wedding where, well, let’s just say, the groom got his way! Indonesian couple Fifi and Reza, who are currently based in the United States, recently flew back to a galaxy not too far away – their hometown Jakarta – to celebrate […]

posted on 08/05/14

Our lovely Indonesian couple Agung and Agya together make a great example of the expression “Unity in Diversity.” “Agung is from the colorful and lively indigenous ethnic group Betawi while I am of the Javanese Culture, specifically Central Java, which is known for its calmness,” shares the beautiful bride. Combining both cultures, the couple wore […]

posted on 06/30/14

While Europe is famous for its impressive cathedrals such as Santiago de Compostela in Spain  and the world’s largest church, St. Peter’s Basilica in Italy, Asia (which is home to 137 million Catholics) also has its fair share of some of the most stunning Catholic structures in the world. Every girl dreams of having their dream church […]

posted on 12/30/13

At Wedding Guide Asia, we make no apologies for the fact we love love stories. Especially when the guy gets the girl, and they live happily ever after! This week’s Real Wedding feature is the wedding of David and Marillyn, who despite their initial reservations about each other, found they were truly soulmates. Photos courtesy […]

posted on 12/25/13

Merry Christmas, dear reader! If, like us, you’ve found yourself inspired by the feelings of creativity and general warmfuzziness (yes, an actual proper term…or so we think it should be) at Christmastime, tis indeed a source of joy and goodwill to all! Christmas card typography is a great place to seek inspiration for your wedding, […]

posted on 08/20/13

New year celebrations, moving house, starting a business, and of course, getting married…the latter event may have even the most stoic non-believer feeling a twinge of “it’s a sign!” when there’s a hiccup in  plans. We’re all a little superstitious at times, and hey, if all those people before us believed in it too, it […]

posted on 07/12/13

While many couples are now venturing into more unconventional destination styled weddings, Faye and David chose to do the exact opposite. Set in her hometown, Kuching, Faye wanted to share the celebration with her family and indulge in the simple yet very meaningful traditions of her heritage. As they both live abroad, she wanted to […]

posted on 05/22/13

Here at WGA, we love the rich culture, history and traditions of weddings. But once in a while, we also find ourselves taking our hats (and fascinators!) off to bold brides who dare buck the trend and exceed expectations by making their wedding day their own.

posted on 04/08/13

Newlyweds Wendy and Chai Soon tied the knot recently with the overarching theme of romance with a hint of goofiness. Amidst the festivities, with red as Wendy’s favourite colour and roses were her favourite flower, the couple tied up their wonderful big day with joy as they were clearly excited to start their lives together. […]

posted on 04/05/13

While some might think it cliche, flowers make a wedding. In the case of newlyweds Jeffrey and May, their special day was overflowing with floral beauty, joy and much love from friends and family. Photographs taken by Louis Pang Studio courtesy of Phaik May Ng. The lovely bride with her beautiful collection of flowers and her […]

posted on 04/01/13

It’s been a while since we’ve had a Confessions of a Bride, so I thought it’d be a nice kick-off to the month of April (on April Fool’s Day, no less, but we’re not kidding around…) with the beautiful Dyasmin Dream Sandhu. (Yes, Dream is really her middle name and her glorious big day was […]

posted on 03/27/13

Chinese traditions have centuries of history for every occasion, including weddings! We have witnessed tonnes of Real Wedding features here at WGA with different highlights of weddings that puts Chinese wedding traditions into play. Fun and games aside, these formalities bring cultural symbolism and meaning to a wedding. And here are top five Chinese wedding […]

posted on 03/18/13

When you’ve got a beautiful couple like Nik Ireena Nona and Muhammad Mateen, it was only expected that their wedding was an unbelievably breath-taking affair. From KL to Kuching, there were multiple receptions, each highlighting a particular theme and colour scheme. The decorations, dresses, cakes – all of it was a sight to behold! Photographs […]

posted on 03/11/13

Every so often, I come across a wedding video that’ll move me to tears. I know, what a sap, right? You’d think after writing about weddings for a year, I would come to be desensitized to all the love. (Wrong!) If you watch the actual day video above by WGA vendor Crazy Monkey Studio of newlyweds Su […]


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