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Last week, I had the pleasure of attending an exclusive Discovery Travel & Living launch of one of it’s latest shows, Cake Boss. Cake Boss airs on Travel & Living every Wednesday evening, 7 pm (SG time) and follows the entertaining Italian Buddy Valastro, who runs the family cake store Carlo’s Cakes in New Jersey. So to get us all in the mood for the show, we had a free lesson in cake decorating!


For all the ladies who are planning their wedding and baking their cake at the same time… this is for you.

Here are some tips from Miss Loo, an experienced Malaysian wedding cake decorator who represented the Cake Boss.

1. If you want to DIY your wedding cake, one method is to buy ready made sugar flowers – so you just bake the cake then decorate it with these pre-made flowers. OR alternatively, take a class in cake decoration and make some simple decorations!

2. For a wedding cake, it takes approx 4 months as you need to make a lot of flowers – which need time to dry. With our S.E Asia climate, its very humid so it takes longer than say in colder countries.

3. Popular wedding cake flavours to go for – fruitcake (if your design is difficult). But usually buttercake as most ppl like it!

4. Remember to choose a common cake flavour,  Durian is not a wedding winner!


5. If you’re making a multi-tiered cake, make sure there is a strong support base. The heavier the cake’s weight, the stronger the bottom board should be.

6. Icing is important! Each tier should be equal, with the sides and top must be smoothly and evenly covered – don’t let any cake show through – which may happen if you don’t use enough icing. So be generous with the butter-cream icing as the cake absorbs some of it while it sits.

7. For a smooth (and quick) finsh, use a comb.

8. As we live in the hot tropics, you must be careful as to what butter-cream you use. If its too soft the butter-cream icing may melt or even slide off your cake. Tip: Bake your cake in an air-conditioned environment and if your icing turns runny just pop it back in the fridge till it hardens up a bit.

Last but not least – practice!!!


Why hello Bobby Chin!

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