My Best Friend’s Wedding


Haha, I hope you like the title. Perhaps it rings a bell due to Evanna’s recent post, but it is true – I’ve known WGA contributor Elaine since the age of 4 and amongst our close group of friends (aptly called the ‘Jems’), we always had a feeling that she would be the first to marry. Graceful, kind & every bit the perfect wife any guy could dream of, once her fiance Eddy set his sights on her, the rest was history!

What we didn’t foresee however, was that the wedding would take up nearly an entire month! Yes, one weekend for the signing ceremony, another for the KL reception, and last but not least, the final do in Elaine’s hometown, Kuching. But we’re not complaining; after all, it was three weekends of friends, food & yammmm seng! And a week of recovery :)

KL photos courtesy of Mun Keat Photography

Elaine’s stunning Pronovias gown! Pronovias is a leading bridal gown designer based in Barcelona, Spain. You can buy your own Pronovias gown either online or at selected boutiques in Asia. Just do a quick Google to find the closest store.

Every princess needs her own pair of Cinderella shoes. El’s pretty heels were custom-made by good friend & designer Celest Thoi. I’m not shoe-obsessed, but for some reason, this pic is actually one of my favourites.

Best Friends Forever… cheesy but true, haha. Both Jeni and I were Maids of Honour and we’re proud to say that we’ve all been friends since Kindergarten. Having attended the same school in Kuching, we were all separated at the age of 12 when Jeni headed to boarding school and I to New Zealand. Despite this, we wrote letters every month to one another and till today I have a box full of them.

Friendships that have spanned over 20 years. Now that’s ‘going the distance’!

The bridal march in!

Spotted: Elaine’s new sister-in-law Janice Yap! Whom you probably recognise from the new popular band, Janice & the Supertanks! She has the most amazing voice and sang Alicia Keys & “Lets Stay Together”.

With Elaine’s theme colours being “white with a touch of pastel”, the ballroom was covered with beautiful peonies, hydrangeas, and lilies that were lilac and pink. For wedding favours, we placed a single rose on each guest’s dinner plate (an idea from a previous WGA post).

For both her KL & Kuching receptions, El had her florist MNG Bouquets create a wishing tree for her, which is more artistic & visually pleasing an option than the traditional guestbook. The cards were all printed by Cziplee and gave that whimsical, fairytale touch to the wedding. You’re probably wondering what happened to the tree post-wedding, yes?

Well, no, it isn’t sitting in the corner of Elaine’s bedroom! Rather, El collected all the notes and pasted them into a book. Errr… I guess in the end you still do get a ‘guestbook’, same same but different? :)

Elaine’s KL Little White Book
Venue: JW Marriot
Planner: The Occasions
Florist: MNG Bouquets
Band: Cher Siang & Band
Cards: Cziplee Print
Make-up Artist: Hebe Leng

Kuching Reception

The following week, we were all off to Kuching – our hometown. Kuching is a nice little place in the island of Borneo which is also called “Cat City” because ‘Kuching’ is malay for ‘cat’ . With a population of around half a million people (and quite a few cats), it really is a town where everyone knows everyone. One of the largest Catholic churches happens to be St. Joseph – also where my parents tied the knot! In the picture above, you can see Father Albert, who is Elaine’s family priest, advising the bride and groom.

He gave the funniest sermon and also imparted some wise advice – “Love is like a flame that you continuously have to fuel… thus pamper Elaine, take her for dinners, listen to her…. so your love never dies.”

The first dance! Elaine with her dad Uncle Felix :)

Rather than stay in her bridal gown the whole night, Elaine had a tailor in Thailand make an evening gown for her. She simply sent her a sketch and I have to say the fit, finishing etc was all pretty spot on! Gosh, getting married is a bit like a fashion show – the bride is always changing!

Elaine’s Kuching Little White Book
Venue: Pullman Hotel
Planner: Mrs. Ho – Elaine’s mother :)
Florist: Mulok
Band: Eugene & Gang
Cards: Cziplee Print
Make-up artist: Lee Siang

Photos courtesy of Shen Yeo Photography (Kuching)

Last words:

From Elaine:
Sit back & relax – don’t stress!
From me (maid of honour): Yes, don’t stress – she won’t be bridezilla forever!! Love you lots Elaine :)

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