Groomed: Pocket Squares Or Boutonnières?


Okay, confession time: We may have dropped the ball a little on shining the spotlight on the wonderful groom. But, worry not, men, we have not forgotten about you! It is, after all, your wedding too. (And the reason why you make us lovely ladies so happy) ;) GROOMED is going to be a monthly series where we dish out all things men and groom-related: from fashion ideas to ring advice, from grooming ideas to surviving ‘heng tai’ games advice… you get the drift. GROOMED will be featured every first Wednesday of the month.

To kick off our first post, we’re going to bee-line on a very small (but still important!) detail of groom fashion: the pocket square. I’m stoked on the revival of this fashion trend, many thanks to Mad Men and Gossip Girl‘s Chuck Bass; they are always so dashingly well-dressed and put together… as the groom should be on his Big Day. ;)

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A pocket square is essentially a handkerchief, and it can be folded in many varying styles to add a dapper touch to an already clean suit. What more, we know how men like to keep it simple, so I think it’s great that a small detail like this could pack an additional punch.

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The 4 most popular ways of wearing a pocket square are (from top left, clockwise) the Winged Puffed, the Presidential, the One Point and the Three Point. Sleek and elegant, it’s a lovely way to add to the colour palette of the day as well. This is where you can get a little creative: how fashion forward is your groom? A subtle pattern or print could add a sweet pop of detailing to his suit. Or if he’s more on the conservative side, go classic with a solid colour. The rule of thumb on the material should be silk, though.

Or, how about a boutonnière? Bouton-what, you say? French for the word “buttonhole” (don’t laugh), it’s where you insert a single flower or a bud through the buttonhole (giggle) on the left lapel of your suit jacket. Why not have the groom wear a flower to match the one in the bride’s hair?

If you’re already sold on the pocket square idea, there’s no rule saying that you can’t have a bouttonière as well. As a matter of fact, they complement each other. Ah, bring us some of that old world charm.

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While these ensembles may be a little too quirky for your tastes, Tom Ford (bottom right) nails it with a simple flower and ‘One Point’ pocket square. It goes to show that matching everything correctly can only mean good things. :)

So what do you ladies reckon? Will your groom rock a pocket square or boutonnière? Men, since you’re suiting up, how about both?

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