Indoor Garden Wedding At The Royale Chulan


Staying in South East Asia means we enjoy the pros and cons of living by the equator. Yes, I know sometimes it’s hot as an oven but hey, if you ask me it sure beats the grey London skies the Brits have for most of the year (just being honest!). So if you’re like Calvin and Audrey, who love taking advantage of the sun here, opt for a garden wedding!

But before we hit the garden party that would make even the Mad Hatter jealous, lets start with the time-honoured “pick up the bride” ceremony.

Photos courtesy of one of our latest LWB vendors, photography studio – Stories by Integricity Visuals.

You can’t have a Chinese Wedding without the much anticipated (and feared!) “pick up the bride” game. Here the groom and his heng tai (aka good mates) must arrive at the bride’s house early in the morning. Now don’t be fooled by the title because collecting this bride-to-be is no simple affair. The bride’s besties (called chi mui for the day) subject to the boys to some quirky challenges.

Think Fear Factor meets Amazing Race with a good dose of Groomsmen Got Talent lah.

As you can see from the pics above, Calvin and his buddies were treated to hanging bananas and faces in flour. Not too bad, considering I heard of one wedding where the guys had to lick each other’s armpits… now that’s just gross!

Who said getting married was easy? Haha.

Next on the agenda was a relaxed Chinese tea ceremony, where the couple must show respect to relatives and close friends, who would in turn wish them well by giving them an ang pow packet.

The bridal party then headed off to a breathtaking venue – the indoor garden at the Royale Chulan Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. Lavender was the colour of the day, as seen on the chairs and in the gorgeous floral arrangements. I love how they used hanging baskets for these, and kept the decor minimalist yet tasteful.

Audrey looking gorgeous with her parents. WGA is all for the ‘flower in the hair’ look – it softens a bride’s features and gives you that au naturel vibe.

Purple is actually a popular colour for weddings here in Asia. I think we’ve published over three purple-themed weddings here at WGA!

Calvin checking out his beautiful bride? Hehe.

Awesome how the boys have purple ties to match!

The celebration ended on an elegant note with dinner in the grand ballroom.

And what a ball they had. The bride and groom were even pulled on stage for an endearing impromptu performance of “Nobody But You”.

Nobody, nobody but you!

Audrey’s Little White Book
Ceremony & Dinner location: Royale Chulan Hotel, Kuala Lumpur
Wedding gown: Neoromantic
Evening gown: Sophia Bridal
Cheong sam: Emerald Brilliant
Make Up: Hebe Leng
Cake: Wong Li Lian
Flowers: Lee Wah florist
Photographers: Grace & Mark

Congratulations to Calvin and Audrey from the team here at WGA. Also, kudos to the red gown – very glam and of the moment (‘Red’ is ‘in’ – Vogue tells me so!).

If you liked these photos, you may want to check out Stories by Integricity Visual’s Little White Book page. Or drop them a line by emailing to

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