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Sunset in Brunei

Some things are just better together – love and marriage (horse and carriage), peanut butter and jelly… and for WGA vendor Kid Chan Studio, capturing the joy and blessings on the big day of the bride and groom gets better when it’s at an amazing destination somewhere.

Our world is so vast and wide and there are so many places that are yet to be drunk in all their beauty and splendour. With that, Conde Nast’s Brides UK has listed TeamKidChan on its Top 20 Extremely Talented Destination Wedding Photographers in the World! What an amazing feat! We speak to Kid Chan himself and he gives us a few words about shooting weddings all around the world. :)

Photographs courtesy of TeamKidChan at Kid Chan Studio.

Melbourne's famous graffiti-ed back alleys

List your top 5 favourite destinations for weddings (or unless you only have one or more than five, that’s okay too!)
Boracay [in Philippines], Lake Como in Italy, Four Seasons Langkawi Resort, Melbourne, Kuching and Singapore.

At a tulip farm in Yarra Valley, Victoria, Australia

What do you love about shooting destination weddings?
The friendship that we cultivate with the wedding party. At a local wedding wedding, we normally don’t get to build such trust and an in-depth relationship. Whereas, with destination weddings, we really get to know the couple and their family and because of that, we can often bring out more than the best from the wedding.

Bridal silhouette in Lake Como, Italy

Tell us your most memorable destination wedding shoot.
The most memorable wedding for TeamKidChan is Maya Karin’s wedding at Lake Como, Bellagio, Italy. It is truly one of the most romantic spots in the world. And when we got there – with my 13kgs backpack and slightly overweight hand carry… there were no lifts! We also to travel approximately 28 hours each way!

At Four Seasons Resort Langkawi

What do you think makes the picture for a destination wedding? The people or the beautiful scenery?
Definitely the people, although the scenery in the background is a bonus. The couple is more relaxed and would be slightly out of their comfort zone, hence more adventurous with pictures. More often than not, we get better pictures. Having said that, a lot of foreign locations have better quality of light and also less pollution. Hazy skies just don’t tend to make very good photographs.

Melbourne, Australia

And finally…!

The purpose of a destination wedding is going out of the way to celebrate the love of the people you really care about.

Bali, Indonesia

If you thought wedding photographs were breathtaking on its own, pair that with a gorgeous destination and you’ve got a perfect match. We’re incredibly proud of TeamKidChan at Kid Chan Studio – Congratulations! If you’d like them to capture your wonderful big day – destination or not – do get in touch with them via their website or directory page.

Happy Deepavali dear readers!

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