Lovely Langkawi pre-wedding shots by Andy Lim

Andy Lim: Pre-Wedding shots

Love this!

Wow. Now this is a pre-wedding potrait! Whisked away to the tropical beaches of Langkawi, this shot of Chris & Wan Sim is just breathtaking. I think its very Hollywood romantic movie meets ‘Gone with the wind.’ Andy Lim is the mastermind wedding photographer behind these shots and when I spoke to him, apparently his secret was to get the couple to do their wedding dance!

Shot at Berjaya Langkawi Beach and Spa Resort and Tanjung Rhu Resort, the couple were blessed with one perfect day after two days of rain! Which worked out perfectly as the slight overcast meant perfect light and colour tones for the couple’s pre-wedding portraits.

Andy Lim: Pre-wedding shots

The photos look really natural and this is because Andy directed Chris & Wan Sim to simply just be themselves (with a teeny bit of choreographing!). His mantra is to always ensure that the couple has fun… if not you’ll end up with pics that look stiff and rigid.

Andy Lim: Pre-wedding shots

Can you feel the love tonight…

Andy Lim: Pre-wedding shots

and he seals it with a kiss…

I really like what Andy has done with the tone of these photos – it could of come out all grey and dreary (due to the weather) but instead the hues are soft and personify romance with a dreamy effect. Good job!

P.S – If you like Wan Sim’s look… she used make-up artist Lee Kuen from Bridal Glam. In her own words:

“Her work is just excellent.  The cosmetic products she used are of high quality and the wonderful air-brush result was just flawless. In comparison with the other make-up artists that I have met, Lee Kuen was very patient and professional.  During my trial with her, she listened attentively to what my preferred bridal style is, rather than just slapping a china doll face on me and making me look like another ’opera’ bride (which I really, really did not want!). She worked her fingers until she got the thumbs up from me.  On the day of our shoot, she worked with her magic fingers again. The end result is perfect, a whole ‘ME’ look – enhancing only my natural features, but with that hint of glam.”

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