Movie Matrimony


Okay, admit it – we bet that at some time or other you’ve watched a movie and caught yourself wondering what it would be like to have such a wedding… Hey, that’s totally normal! In fact, movies are some of the best sources of inspiration for a wedding because they’re filled with the coolest ideas that we all wish we could pull off. Still, there’s no harm in trying, right? Here are just some of the movies that got our attention, and we tell you how to work a bit of their magic into your own big day (as well as the days preceding it). Go ahead – take a well-earned movie break in the midst of all that wedding planning…

My Best Friend’s Wedding

You will need:

A best friend (of the opposite gender) getting married

An unsuspecting future bride (preferably a cute one)

A new (gay) best friend who stands by your craziness

A super-scheming mind

What to do:

Step One – Realise you are head over heels in love with your best friend just before he tells you he’s getting married.

Step Two – Conjure up ways to break up the marriage; this may or may not include musical humiliation (read: karaoke)

Step Three – Fail miserably and show sincere support at the wedding. Finish off with all-night dancing.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding

You will need:

A seriously hot groom of a different heritage

A billion relatives hell-bent on protecting your heritage

Sheer will and steely determination

What to do:

Step One – Find the man of your dreams. Make sure you come from diverse worlds and speak different languages.

Step Two – Experience the horror fun of introducing him to your family and insisting you get married.

Step Three – Pull it off (somehow) and leave everyone teary-eyed at the beauty of a multicultural universe.

27 Dresses

You will need:

An annoying little sister

A perfectly handsome boss

A cute reporter following you around

A closet full of embarrassing bridesmaid dresses

What to do:

Step One – Wage war on your sister for stealing the boss you fell in love with.

Step Two – At the same time, put up with the irritating yet adorable reporter trying to dig some dirt up on you.

Step Three – Forget the boss, forgive your sister, fall in love with the reporter. Then marry him in a beautiful ceremony with 27 gaudily-clad bridesmaids behind you (revenge is sweet).

Mamma Mia

You will need:

A mother with some pretty shady secrets

Three possible fathers (all good-looking)

A gorgeous Greek isle

What to do:

Step One: Read your mother’s diary (dot dot dot)

Step Two: Invite three possible fathers to your wedding (without telling Mum) then try to figure out which one is really yours

Step Three: Decide you don’t really care and then pass the bridal bouquet to Mum!

Sex And The City

You will need:

A man you’ve been dating 10 years

A group of best friends

A variety of love stories

Couture – lots and lots of it

What to do:

Step One: Plan the wedding of a century. Allow it to freak your man out. Wait for him to run.

Step Two: Bask in the love of your friends as they help you recover.

Step Three: Clear up all misunderstandings. Marry him at long last. Be sure to wear Manolos.

Bride Wars

You will need:

A wedding date that coincides with that of your best friend’s

Not much else, really (except maybe breathtaking Vera Wang dresses)

What to do:

Step One: Invest in a wedding planning service and have a clerical error put your wedding on the same date in the same location as your best friend’s reception.

Step Two: Decide that neither of you will back down. Sharpen claws and go all out to sabotage one another. Meow!

Step Three: Wait for something to remind you of what you mean to each other. Then have a happy ending…


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