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I remember going to a vintage themed wedding at the KL Hilton last year (organised by WGA wedding planners The Occasions) and it still is one of the most beautiful I’ve been to today. With candles and vintage chairs, it was very much perfect down to every last detail. Having a vintage wedding exudes class and fashion at the same time – not to mention a reason for everyone to dress up! Here are some pics that should inspire brides who are contemplating ‘a walk in the past’.


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Besides a colour theme that is in tandem with your chosen vintage ‘era’ of choice, its the ‘little things’ that complete the look. Think of novel ideas as this couple has done. Old photos in jars or even renting a photo booth that prints out sepia-toned photos will make your wedding look more stylish.


This bride has a vintage style dress which she complements with flowers and hair accessories. Below we can see that the flower girls and even the cupcakes have followed the wedding theme. When you’re doing vintage, think muted colours that are more ‘classic’ in character.


Quick tips:

Before you begin, pick an era and then design the wedding accordingly.

Vintage is a concept of old mixed with new – so don’t feel you need to buy an array of new things that ‘look old’.

Have a look at 2nd hand or charity shops for old pieces or accessories that you can use. Be it retro furniture or art deco-inspired wallpaper, you are bound to find some bargains.

Vintage wedding gowns can be anything from the 1920s period or simply dresses with accessories such as a feathers, lace shawls or jeweled headpieces

Pay attention to the details – for example rent a classic car and search for ‘vintage plates’ to pop on it for the day.

Last but not least, don’t forget to get the entertainment in line! A vintage wedding with trance music doesn’t quite work! Opt for music that suits your theme – such as classical music or swing jazz.

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