The Boudoir Bride


Dress to tease like Dita Von Teese

With all the rustle and bustle of the impending wedding, the number one thing many women can forget – is their future husband! Yes, remember him ladies? While men don’t usually play a major role in the wedding planning (unless you’re marrying a S.N.A.G), more often than not they do have to bear with the *ahem* bridezilla within all of us.

So what better way to repay your spouse than to send him a special collection of photos that remind him of the alluring lady you are.  These photos below are from WGA vendor Stories by Integricity, who having shot many a wedding, have also ventured into Boudoir photography for brides-to-be.

Though not the norm here in Asia, Boudoir photography is popular in places like the States, UK and Australia, especially since the lovely Dita Von Teese landed on the scene. It is now very ‘in’ for ladies to create their own set of boudoir pics that are sensual yet classy. What do you need? A good photographer, fine lingerie and think vintage accessories such as pearls. For a setting, try either your bedroom (I assume you are most comfortable there!) or you could go all out and book a room at a hotel for a touch of luxe.

And with that we leave you with a few words from Grace, photographer from Stories by Integricity:

“I have always been fascinated with this form of photography, but never had the opportunity to shoot one till recently. I think as a female photographer – it gives me a slight edge as my clients feel comfortable in front of me. I do have lots of ideas for this style of photography, so if any of you are interested… drop me a line and we can talk about it!”

Well there you go girls, if you’re interested to be a Boudoir Bride, then go get in touch with Stories by Integricity. Have a look at their official website or simple pop by their LWB page for contact information. And most of all… enjoy! x

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