Marchesa Wows At NYFW 2012


Marchesa, Marchesa, Marchesa. A favourite with Hollywood stars and anyone who appreciates beautiful dresses, Marchesa wowed again at New York Fashion Week. According to designers Georgina Chapman (wife to Harvey Weinstein – how did he get her?!) and Keren Craig, their Fall/Winter show was all about “opulent fantasy”.

* Photos courtesy of Maria Valentino for First View (

I love the gold/brown fabric of the gown on the right. There’s something about detailing and fabric that sets an amazing designer apart from those who are simply ‘good’, don’t you think?

In terms of inspiration, the designers told The Daily Beast that “this season came from Bouguereau’s 1878 painting A Soul Brought to Heaven, a sumptuous canvas depicting a pair of angels carrying a lifeless woman through the clouds. It’s a journey from earth to heaven—with lots of porcelain skin, great billowing dresses, and angels’ wings.”

Well ladies, are you in heaven yet? *wink*

Known for their love of lacing and beading, Marchesa puts a new spin on the classic cheongsam. I like how they’ve paired it with a ruffled skirt; a perfect mix of East meets West.

I’m trying to imagine a bride wearing the blue gown above to a traditional Chinese wedding… There will definitely be a few staring eyes ;)

My favourite, favourite gown (besides the opening red number) is this gold/brown satin number on the left. AMAZING. If you could pick the ultimate evening gown for your reception, I would have to say that it would be something like that. Academy Awards meets bride-to-be!

Now if you’re still in heaven and dreaming, the only way to pop your bubble is to highlight that Marchesa does come with quite a price tag (think thousands of pounds). But if you’re willing to spend, pop on to online sites such as or We know Marchesa Bridal is sold at Liberty and Harrods in London but it’s not easy to find here in Asia!

P.S. - If you’re looking for a lucky find, try the for Marchesa on sale :)

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