WGA’s Top Wedding Invitation Trends


Handing out invitations are an integral part of any wedding planning process. In fact once you have your theme decided upon and number of guests finalised, wedding invitations should be given out, preferably 2-3 months beforehand. Here at WGA, we’ve selected the top invitation trends of the moment for your perusal because we know how difficult it is to choose the perfect invitation!

Simple yet elegant

1. The Traditional Invitation

What better way to start than with the all-time favourite traditional invitation card. This simple card is made up of a single rectangular sheet of white paper with all the details of the nuptials printed on the front in a scripted font. It may seem simple but it’s elegant and very classical.

Flower Power?

2. The Floral Invitation

No no, not 60s flower power themed invitations (unless you have a 60s themed wedding of course!) – this is more like a single pressed flower. If you have decided on the flowers for your wedding then carry that theme forward onto the invitation cards to give the guests a glimpse of what to expect on the big day. These cards can be home-made and lend an eco-friendly feel to the wedding as well.

Striped Invitation

3. The Stripy Invitation

Whether you go for monochrome or colourful, striped wedding invitations are always trendy. This is because they’re simple and sophisticated at the same time. In fact why stop at stripes, give polka dots a thought as well. Now, we’re not saying combine the two because that would be far too distracting and we don’t want the guests to overlook the important details!

4. The ‘Branded’ Invitation

Yes I know your mind has floated onto the likes of LV and Chanel but this ‘brand’ is more like your names intertwined in your very own logo which will then be branded onto the invitations. Imagine how fun it would be to design your very own logo and how unique your invitations would look!

Old School

5. The Vintage Invitation

If you’re planning a vintage-themed wedding or any other type of wedding for that matter then consider vintage-inspired wedding invitation cards as they have been making a comeback in the recent years. Lace, ribbons (all vintage inspired) and even old photographs add a lovely touch to a simple invitation card.

If you think ordering really extravagant invitations may be out of your budget, you can always gather some friends and family around and spend a day making your own – it’ll be a lot more personal and just as beautiful. Also, if you are intent on saving trees, e-invites are becoming quite popular nowadays (plus it’s easier for guests to RSVP). Hopefully, you’ve been inspired by some of the ideas here and have gotten your creative juices flowing! Good luck :)

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