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How to have a safe and gorgeous wedding ceremony during this pandemic?

wedding ceremony

The pandemic has not stopped individuals from finding love or getting married. But it has changed the way marriages are organised and conducted. While for the brides and grooms it is a time to look really good and unite with the one they love, for the guests it is a time to meet friends and family and have a wonderful feast. Marriages had earlier become hotspots for transmission of the virus when people did not follow the necessary precautions. Slowly, people have become more aware of safety protocols that need to be followed.

Keep your guest count under check.

For countries like India, it is almost standard to have hundreds or even a couple of thousands of guests at the wedding ceremony. Most of the time, it is a matter of pride for the bride’s and groom’s families, to invite nearly everyone they know and give them a grand feast. This is no longer possible, and one must remember to keep the number of guests well under a hundred. During a pandemic, the lower the number of guests, the better.

People have also started live-streaming their ceremonies so that the loved ones who could not attend could, in a way, be a part of the wedding. Influencers and celebrities in the US now have massive parties where the guests take rapid tests to make sure that they are not infected right before they enter. This will not be possible for everyone, but a practical alternative is to ask all the guests to undergo a test at least a couple of days before the day of the wedding to ensure that they are free of the infection.

Enforce Safety Protocols

People tend to naturally forget or ignore protocols that can keep them safe when they are around loved ones. But, to ensure that your wedding does not pose a risk to anyone, make sure that people follow safety protocols at all times and wear masks. Many would be opposed to the idea of keeping their masks on while taking photos, but remember this is a matter of everyone’s health. There are some things you must prioritise over the others if you decide to get married during the pandemic.

During the feast, keep the chairs separated to ensure proper distancing even when the guests have their masks off.

Safety Protocols

Keep the luxuries and decorations to a minimum.

Setting up a grand wedding venue will require more workers, naturally leading to higher chances of an infection. An excellent alternative to that is to make your own decorations. You could easily Pinterest some wedding décor ideas, order the materials and get crafting with your future spouse or family. These decorations would add a personal touch to your wedding to make it unforgettable.


In Conclusion

It might take a while for weddings to get back to their former glory, but for now, we must do what we can with what we have. Weddings are occasions to celebrate love and joy, so make sure that you keep it safe.

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